Integration Services

Prescience Technology can now offer fast and effective Primavera integration into the leading ERP and EAM systems, including Oracle, SAP and IBM Maximo, thanks to our partnership with Pipeline Inc.

Based in the US, Pipeline Inc. is an enterprise software and services company. Their solutions are focussed on business processes that are core to asset-intensive operations  including optimisation of planning, scheduling and work management for major shutdowns, turnarounds, outages, daily maintenance and capital projects.

By working with this solution, which is designed specifically for Primavera P6 integration, and leveraging Prescience’s deep understanding of Primavera and our disciplined approach to project management, we can give clients a more robust, reliable and high performing solution.

PIPELINE’s Maxavera® is enterprise integration for Oracle Primavera P6. The pre-packaged Maxavera solutions enable fast and effective integration between Oracle Primavera and well-known Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications such as SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), SAP Project Systems (PS), IBM Maximo, Microsoft Project and many others.
It includes hundreds of predefined best-practice field mappings, rules, transformation logic and run-time options that have been refined through years of delivering real-world solutions.

Maxavera provides a plug-and-play integration. Within hours of installation Maxavera will be intelligently transferring work orders, tasks, labor, equipment details  and other EAM information to Primavera P6 where  work can be scheduled and resources optimised. Maxavera then automatically sends relevant updates to the schedule, logic and resource assignments back to the eAM keeping the two systems in sync.

The comprehensive and efficient solution can reduce the time, expense and risk of integration by up to 90% over other integration approaches.

Maxavera is the industry’s most seamless, high-performance integration solution and will:

  • Optimise resources and logic
  • Improve maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Improve plant shutdowns, turnarounds and outages
  • Help you get control of your capital projects
  • Reduce schedule backlog 
  • Improve visibility
  • Eliminate manual data entry and increase data accuracy

Visit the
 Maxavera site to find out more about how Maxavera could help you get better control of your projects, program and portfolio investment or call us on 1300 086 816.