Hard Dollar

Prescience Technology is an authorised resale partner for Hard Dollar estimating and construction software. Hard Dollar’s modern project-driven enterprise software centralises project cost and productivity data including, takeoff, estimate, schedule, progress measurement, and ERP.

Unleash the Full Power of Hard Dollar Project Cost Management



Centralize project cost and productivity with Hard Dollar Project Cost Management to confidently build cost models, measure progress, and forecast completion. HD PCM includes HD Project Estimating, HD Project Performance, Lasso Project Intelligence, and integrations with industry-standard scheduling and ERP tools. Owners, EPCMs, and contractors use HD PCM in the mining, infrastructure, oil and gas, power and process, and STO industries.

And with integrations and the ability to view your data on any device, you always have the answer to the question, “where did you get that number?” right at your fingertips.

Choose an Individual Component of Hard Dollar PCM


HD Project Estimating

Minimize risk and get the confidence you need to build estimates and cost models accurately and efficiently.


HD Project Performance

Measure current completion against the budget estimate, compare to actuals, and forecast completion at the project and the activity level.


HD Project Intelligence

Create custom reports in less time than it takes to finish reading this sentence. Analyze and report on your data, anywhere, anytime with HD Project Intelligence.

More Information

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