Portfolio Management

Make smarter project and portfolio investment decisions with OPPM

Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management (OPPM) helps businesses make smart investment decisions that deliver tangible value.

OPPM enables companies to effectively manage their project portfolio. Using a simple web interface, it simply – and visually – defines processes to identify, prioritise, select and optimise investments of any kind. It also helps in building the business case to support decision making by collating data from many sources into a single, intuitive and easy-to-use portal.

But most importantly, it lets decision makers understand the value being returned to the business by these investments, which makes it easier to optimise the right strategic initiatives.

In today’s volatile market environment when initiatives need to be pulled or altered, this increases organisational agility, providing complete and accurate data dynamically, rather than best-guess scenarios to support strategic decision-making.

OPPM is especially valuable in asset-intensive process industries, such as Resources, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Utilities. Executives faced with aging infrastructure, constrained capital markets and a more challenging regulatory environment need to be able to confidently balance their investments to manage these competing priorities and adjust priorities as required.

It is equally valuable to the IT function, enabling data-driven decision making to prioritise investments and ensure the optimum mix of investments, as well as providing visibility into project progress and results. This real-time data enables IT executives to control the impact of changes, standardise processes and optimise resources. This enables the IT function to respond to changing demands of the business.

The Oracle Primavera suite also includes Risk Analysis, Portfolio Management and Contract Management tools. Together, these various components allow companies to manage budgeting, planning and scheduling, cost management, resource allocation, risk analytics and even change management activities, providing real-time reporting through flexible, web-based interfaces.

To find out more about OPPM, and the other Oracle Primavera tools available, and how they could help you better manage and optimise your project portfolio, contact the Prescience team on 1300 086 816 or at info@prescience.com.au.