Meet Angelo

My Role

Angelo is our Primavera Services Manager

As Primavera Services Manager, I have both a managerial and implementation role at Prescience. My team and I have accountability for helping our clients get the most from their investment in Primavera.

That means my time is split between understanding our clients’ requirements and providing a solution to meet their needs, and helping my team to deliver that solution. This may involve installing and configuration of all Primavera products, process documentation and supporting any issues that might arise.

A Typical Day

No two weeks are ever the same. Depending on what is happening, on any one day I could be attending meetings with clients, working with my colleagues planning a project implementation, running a client demonstration, or coding and helping to implement the project.

I travel quite a bit, which I generally enjoy. For me, there’s nothing better than getting in the car and driving to client sites.

In addition to being client-facing, I’m always available for my staff, either on the phone, over email or Skype, or occasionally face to face. The latter, which is my preferred form of communication, is logistically challenging as we are located in different parts of the country.

Outside Work

My schedule means that I’m often away from home during the week, so I make a point of always sitting down to dinner with my family when I am in Adelaide and, on the weekends, I love spending time with my family and playing golf.

When I’m travelling, I use Skype to keep in touch with my wife and kids and always ensure I speak to them every night.

While it’s not formalised, there is an understanding that if I consistently put in the long hours, I’ll take some time off in lieu, just to refresh and wind down, provided that it suits the business.

My Advice

To be successful in this industry – and at Prescience –  integrity, honesty and communication are crucial. Listening skills are very important – listening to the client’s needs, engaging with them constantly to ensure you provide them with a solution, rather than a product. Equally, communication with my staff and peers, to improve our offering, or streamline processes is also critical.

The other important thing, especially in a role as diverse as mine, is good time management. In that respect, I find it helpful to break tasks down, keep them as simple as possible and work through them systematically.

Why Prescience?

Prescience is a boutique consultancy but works with some great clients and has a talented team. It’s also growing, so there’s a chance to shape it, to contribute to building the company.

That scale means that I’m not doing the same thing, day in day out. I get the opportunity to meet new clients and work in a variety of roles and at different sites.

I also like the fact that Prescience’s size means it has quite a caring, family-oriented culture. It’s run by people you can approach on any issue.