What Our Clients Say

We partner with our clients to achieve joint success – success that is based on an uncompromising and reciprocal commitment to the discipline of great project delivery.

The following are a few comments from some of our clients. For more detail or to speak with one of them directly, please contact us.

Validating and confirming the business requirements to extend the Oracle E-Business footprint for a large Australian manufacturing organisation.

Prescience Technology adds value through their specialist expertise in Oracle E-Business. Although they aren’t a large organisation, their people have good knowledge and project management disciplines. They have proven experience around delivery.

I engaged Prescience Technology in planning for an Oracle R12 upgrade. They provided input into the resourcing model, execution approach and the total budget which we incorporated into our plans for approval.* They also contributed to scope, approach and all the other aspects you would expect. They were a true partner as far as planning and gaining approval. They tailored their offering and collaborated to deliver on a partnership basis, rather than take total ownership. It was just what we needed.

They are very good at providing very effective people who will complement your IT department. Prescience picks the best people, the right people for each engagement. They don’t compromise their reputation by employing just anyone.

* Prescience Technology was subsequently responsible for the Program Management of the 11i rollout to Asia, EAM Implementation and global R12 upgrade with this major Australian manufacturer.

Mark Jermolenko - Formerly Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Mgr, Major Australian manufacturer

Providing long-term Oracle Services, including validating the business and technical requirements for an R12 Upgrade for Financials, CRM and HR

Prescience Technology is on our Oracle E-Business services supplier panel. They are a niche player who know the area in which they operate. They have a good knowledge of the product and the market; access to skilled resources; and a good understanding of the requirements, especially if a problem is a bit more difficult. They apply their expertise and do the analysis, without trying to run too fast.

They also have good broader consulting skills. We recently asked them to help us analyse what would be involved in terms of resourcing if we were to upgrade to R12. They delivered a high-level project plan with costings. We did some additional analysis but Prescience’s work formed the basis of our plan.

My experience with Prescience Technology over the past four years gives me the absolute confidence to recommend them for Oracle related projects and support. Prescience demonstrates professionalism and maturity and is committed to working closely with us to deliver clear value for money and outcomes that either meet or exceed Tourism Australia’s expectations, every time.

Hein Bouman - Formerly Information Systems Manager, Tourism Australia

Supporting an Oracle ERP implementation with change management expertise

Prescience Technology provided me with a change management resource with deep Oracle Projects experience and a broad base of experience over the eBusiness product suite and many organisations. Prescience Technology provided me with a change management resource with deep Oracle Projects experience and a broad base of experience over the eBusiness product suite and many organisations. She started working with the business, improving their processes to provide data in the format we needed for activity based costing. She’s now assisting me on the implementation of Oracle Projects. I was confident that a consultant from Prescience Technology would know what they were doing and would do the job they were hired to do. They wouldn’t just be ticking over the dollars but actually getting results. It’s working really well. I recommend Prescience because they have good people working for them who are worth paying for.

I am also a big believer in quality relationships. If there’s an issue, we can quickly sort it out. It’s really good that the people who are running the company are on the other end of the phone.

Cheryl Willets - Senior Business Analyst, Wesfarmers Resources

Leading Oracle ERP implementation projects with significant timeline and resourcing constraints, delivered on-time, under budget and in accordance with defined requirements;

Loretta Bayliss was Project Manager for the implementation of Oracle ERP to Council in 2007. This project commenced in February 2007 and completed with a “go live” date of the 5 November 2007; an extremely aggressive implementation with significant timeline and resourcing constraints.

As a project manager, Loretta displays excellent hypothesis development and her stakeholder management skills are first class. Loretta, by nature, is a driven personality and there is no doubt in my mind that this project, with all of its constraints, could not have been delivered on time without Loretta’s drive, energy and passion to get the job done.

I would recommend Loretta for any project management role, particularly in the ERP environment.

Jim Lindsay - CFO, Ipswich City Council

Achieving Employee engagement on an Oracle implementation

I worked on an Oracle program where there were a couple of Prescience Technology resources.

The Prescience Change Analyst, who reported to me, worked closely with the business to identify the impacts of the impending process changes. She then developed a change and learning strategy, communications plan and the detailed development and delivery of training material, using Oracle UPK.

She was responsible for some great out-of-the-box thinking that invigorated our staff and helped ensure cut-through to get people’s attention, and increase their level of interest and engagement. It worked really well – she earned the respect of the business and we were successful in achieving our goals and objectives.

Project Manager - Leading Energy Provider